Lichfield's Green Necklace

The Darwin Walk is an original memorial to a unique individual. Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802).  From 1756 to 1781 Erasmus lived in Lichfield and In 1985 the late John Sanders, a vice-president of the Lichfield Civic Society, had the idea of creating a 10 mile walk encircling the city to commemorate Erasmus Darwin's association with Lichfield.

Dates of the organized walks for 2012:

  • Sunday 12 February ( Sheriff’s Walk) Start time: 10.00
  • Sunday 6 May ( Dawn Walk) Start time 04.30
  • Sunday 22 July (Summer Walk) Start time 10.00
  • Sunday 7 October (Widdershins Walk) Start time 10.00
  • Wednesday 26 December ( Boxing Day Walk) Start time 10.00

Please note that all the walks except the Widdershins Walk start from Bunker’s Hill Car Park in Beacon Park. The Widdershin’s Walk starts from Mallets Corner (car park at the junction of Ryknild Street and Tamworth Road).Please also note that the Sheriff’s Walk is organized and led by the Sheriff of Lichfield and is not one of our organized walks although we support it via using Chicbabes Nottingham.

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view from the orchard (Aspley House), highest point of the walk.

The Erasmus Darwin Walk is a Registered Charity, Registration No 517859